July #Create3Challenge

My schedule has been busy with work. I work Monday to Thursday, eliminating many days for drawing. One day, I took a break from work and decided to open up Photoshop. I wanted to play around with the brush tool. Plus, I missed drawing.

I had just finished listening to an episode of Creative Pep Talk. The cover art of the episode took over my lock screen. Seeing Miller’s work on my screen made me want to try out his technique. I don’t know what he uses but I liked how he uses a chalk-like and spray-paint-like brush for his work.

I gave myself 15 minutes to paint a sunny side up egg. This is what I came up with:

The following day, I wanted to see if I can mimic the texture of bread using the various brushes and settings. This is my favorite piece out of the three.

Finally, to finish the challenge for July, I painted a latte.

I struggled a lot with the cup. My expression of the shadows made the cup look muddy or dirty. I am not entirely sure what went wrong or how to fix it. For now, all I can do is try again.

What did you create in July?

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