Work Hard, Play Hard

In third grade, I woke up at 5 AM in the morning to memorize a letter. It was a letter for my grandparents – my pioneer grandparents. I pretended like it was a cold winter in the 1800s and my Mama had to knit the family thicker socks. I had to write this letter for my Social Studies test. That’s right, at the age of 8, I got up at five in the morning to memorize the answer to the final question in my third grade test. Mind you, my mother wrote it for me.

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Grown-up Dress Up: A Year after Graduation

In university, I fantasized about working downtown. Adult Alexandria would dress nicely. Her black boots hit the pavement. Her steps followed a steady yet quick tempo because the successful and independent Alexandria Angco had a 9 AM meeting. Although she’s 3 minutes late, she emerges out of the elevator without breaking a sweat. Adult Alexandria was a reverie. Continue reading “Grown-up Dress Up: A Year after Graduation”

Dear Freshman, Here Are the 5 Things You Need to Know for University.

My brother started university a few weeks ago. His first week of school was not stressful at all. He only had to navigate through the campus, attend lectures to hear professors read syllabi, and get used to his commute. But now he just finished his first set of midterms and he’s studying for the next. More reading and more writing.

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Not Employed, but Now I Know What I Want

I want a lot of things. I want a job. I want a corgi. I want to apply to grad school and get it in. I want my own home, start a family, travel. I want to succeed. I want to live a life of true joy. I have told myself (and God) about the things I want every day. Yet, I still look for anything that will come close. Anything that tastes similar to what I actually want. Continue reading “Not Employed, but Now I Know What I Want”

DIY Watercolor Palette: Pill Organizer

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums. I first used it in my grade 10 art class. I suppose it rose quickly to the top of my “favorite mediums” list since it was the first paint I became familiar with. I enjoy the lovely transparency it brings in paintings. I also like how easy it is to clean up compared to other paints such as acrylics. Brushes are quickly cleaned by simply washing them in water. Continue reading “DIY Watercolor Palette: Pill Organizer”

What’s Next?

Last week, I confidently walked up 2 steps to shake hands with two important University of Toronto figures. “Congratulations, high distinction is a great accomplishment” said the UTM Principal. He released my hand from his handshake and I shook the hand of the woman who sat beside him. I complimented her glasses. They were purple and they were shaped like a hexagon. I thanked them once again for congratulating me then turned around to face the crowd. I saw the next duo of students ascend the platform so I made my exit by waving to my parents one story above. Continue reading “What’s Next?”