Podcast Suggestions: Volume 1

My obsession with podcasts began on Christmas Eve of 2015. I listened to Serial after a YouTuber suggested it in her videos. I didn’t know what Serial was about but I decided to listen because Serial’s website was aesthetically pleasing. Yes, I fell in love with the looks of the website before falling madly and deeply in love with the podcast’s content and strong narrative. Soon after, I immediately downloaded a podcast app and googled “Best Podcasts”. I subscribed to many different podcasts with a focus on science and culture. Then I became a walking Podcast Enthusiast. You can catch me starting conversations with “I was listening to this podcast called…” and I would insert what I learned into the conversation. Many have asked me for podcast suggestions so here they are. Continue reading “Podcast Suggestions: Volume 1”

Listening to People in Their 20s

I have been out of school for a week. During that week, I filled my time with preparing different job applications, brainstorming ideas for this website, drawing, and lots of cooking. Of course, I did spend time on Netflix and YouTube as a “reward” and I caught up on the latest season of Scandal (ugh so good). I rewarded myself for submitting four applications in one day, for finishing some freelance work, and for finishing undergrad.  Continue reading “Listening to People in Their 20s”

My First “Official” Information Interview

Last month, I navigated my way through the city, with a heavy reliance on my cellphone, to meet a professional in health communication field. I was unable to ask her for her permission to blog more information about our meeting, so instead of giving all the facts I have learned, I will only share my reflection on how the meeting went and share a couple tips on how to conduct an information interview. Honestly speaking, I have plenty of room for interview improvements. Continue reading “My First “Official” Information Interview”

Graduation Limbo

I have one more month of school left and I am absolutely thrilled. I’m excited because I will unlock a new milestone in my life as a recent graduate from UofT but having an opportunity to dive into the “real” world is exciting (at least so far)! For the past few months I have been searching through LinkedIn, University Job Boards, and local company websites for any signs of job opportunities. Continue reading “Graduation Limbo”