Not Employed, but Now I Know What I Want

I want a lot of things. I want a job. I want a corgi. I want to apply to grad school and get it in. I want my own home, start a family, travel. I want to succeed. I want to live a life of true joy. I have told myself (and God) about the things I want every day. Yet, I still look for anything that will come close. Anything that tastes similar to what I actually want. Continue reading “Not Employed, but Now I Know What I Want”

Job Search Update: May 2016

I kept busy in the month of May by saving pdfs of job openings I found on Indeed, LinkedIn, my campus job board, and the town job board. My hard drive is filled with different revisions of my resume and cover letter. When I reached the middle of May, I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with my networking goal. In fact, I didn’t even try to find people to contact. However, I forced myself to reach out to 2 people. Here’s a quick summary of how May looked for me. Continue reading “Job Search Update: May 2016”

My First “Official” Information Interview

Last month, I navigated my way through the city, with a heavy reliance on my cellphone, to meet a professional in health communication field. I was unable to ask her for her permission to blog more information about our meeting, so instead of giving all the facts I have learned, I will only share my reflection on how the meeting went and share a couple tips on how to conduct an information interview. Honestly speaking, I have plenty of room for interview improvements. Continue reading “My First “Official” Information Interview”

Graduation Limbo

I have one more month of school left and I am absolutely thrilled. I’m excited because I will unlock a new milestone in my life as a recent graduate from UofT but having an opportunity to dive into the “real” world is exciting (at least so far)! For the past few months I have been searching through LinkedIn, University Job Boards, and local company websites for any signs of job opportunities. Continue reading “Graduation Limbo”