Job Search Update: May 2016

I kept busy in the month of May by saving pdfs of job openings I found on Indeed, LinkedIn, my campus job board, and the town job board. My hard drive is filled with different revisions of my resume and cover letter. When I reached the middle of May, I realized that I wasn’t keeping up with my networking goal. In fact, I didn’t even try to find people to contact. However, I forced myself to reach out to 2 people. Here’s a quick summary of how May looked for me. Continue reading “Job Search Update: May 2016”

Podcast Suggestions: Volume 1

My obsession with podcasts began on Christmas Eve of 2015. I listened to Serial after a YouTuber suggested it in her videos. I didn’t know what Serial was about but I decided to listen because Serial’s website was aesthetically pleasing. Yes, I fell in love with the looks of the website before falling madly and deeply in love with the podcast’s content and strong narrative. Soon after, I immediately downloaded a podcast app and googled “Best Podcasts”. I subscribed to many different podcasts with a focus on science and culture. Then I became a walking Podcast Enthusiast. You can catch me starting conversations with “I was listening to this podcast called…” and I would insert what I learned into the conversation. Many have asked me for podcast suggestions so here they are. Continue reading “Podcast Suggestions: Volume 1”