December 2017 Media Faves

December was chock-full of feel good shows and family time. I finally finished This Is Us Season 1 with my family. The holidays gave me opportunities to spend time with family, friends, and co-workers and as a result, I barely have any favorites for December.


No podcasts this month because I haven’t been listening to any new ones. I’ve been busy and I wasn’t really into the idea of listening to my favorite podcasts. They usually tackle complicated issues. I spent most of 2017 listening to episodes that tackle political issues, tragic personal stories, or even just celebrity gossip. That might explain why I’m so over 2017 and I was craving feel-good movies and shows to charge up my 2018 batteries.



I discovered Veggiekins through the recommended channels section on No Egg Craig’s channel (I talked about him last month). Remy is a vegan New-Yorker. She posts lots of What I Eat in a Day videos. Apparently I can’t get over these types of videos. I love her positive personality but most importantly, I appreciate her love for health and wellness. Seeing her wake up early to workout or even seeing her healthy meals gave me some motivation and inspiration for my own habits.

Even if you’re not into health and wellness, I suggest looking into the type of content you like to consume. I find myself more motivated to tackle/correct some of my goals when I surround myself with inspiring people. Following these hard-working people on social media or watching their YouTube videos helped me move forward. This isn’t just for health and wellness “gurus”! I’m also talking about the design leaders and talented creators that have inspired me to dive deeper into my craft. Who inspired you in 2017?

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