Inktober 2017: Review

This was the first time I ever attempted and completed Inktober. I thought this was a challenge for comic book artists since the original creator, Jake Parker, has a style that is quite different from mine. But as the years passed, I noticed that a lot of the artists I followed participated in Inktober and they kept to their style. Turns out Inktober is more about the consistency in drawing everyday – not about creating beautiful ink pieces. If you want to learn more about Inktober, visit this.

I took on a theme to keep me consistent. I needed inspiration from everyday because I know that if I didn’t have a particular focus, trying to come up with a drawing from my imagination wouldn’t happen. So I chose to draw what I ate for lunch. It’s something I do everyday and it’s usually different.


  • Sears Sketchbook
  • Copic Ciao markers – C1, C3, C5
  • Sakura Pigma Micron pens – 003, 005, 01

What I learned

It’s hard to make time for Inktober

I set up my Inktober with limitations. I had a small sketchbook, a black pen, and limited grey tones to add some shadow. I thought my simplistic strategy would be easy. It was. The challenge was in finding time to complete the “Inktober process”. I think the whole process of drawing it, then posting it took a toll on me. Getting to post the drawings made me accountable for drawing but the act of taking a photo then posting it kinda turned me off. My cellphone camera is not up to par since I’m using a Samsung S4. To keep up with today’s crazy phone cameras, I used my Sony A6000 but the act of taking the photos, then editing them was a pain. It took longer than drawing.

It’s challenging to come up with different layouts

I tried my best to think of new angles to draw the food. But towards the end, I just focused on getting the drawing done. You’ll notice that I use the same viewpoint often.

Copic Ciao markers can be challenging

I didn’t like how the markers blended with my paper. I don’t use these often but I did hear that it’s challenging to find paper that works well with copics. They bleed through sketchbook paper and I’m not gonna buy marker paper just for Inktober.

I eat the same thing often

I thought I’d have a bigger variety but there were dishes that repeated a lot. Oh well, that doesn’t affect my drawing.

Next year

Get a phone camera

I need to get a new phone. This would definitely speed up my posting process.

Consider the use of colour

The grey tones and line drawings were nice and easy. But I realized that as I continue to practice my art, I’ve been leaning too much on greyscale drawings. It’s easier to draw in greyscale. Next year I should challenge myself by using color. Other artists like Sha’an d’Anthes used three colours her for Inktober drawings. Whenever I use colour, I get intimated since I take on a realism approach to my art. But Sha’an used her colours in a more illustration style. Maybe I can try that.

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