November 2017 Media Faves

The 11th month of 2017 is finished. I don’t know about you, but my November wasn’t stressful. I’ve had less shifts at work since it’s the slow season for our industry. Less work means more time to focus on healthy habits so I haven’t been sitting down with my computer for too long.Nevertheless, there are still a few podcasts and YouTubers that brought some life into my month


Terrible Thanks for Asking
I initially had a hard time with this podcast. It dealt with tough stories such as death, sexual assault, and mental illness. The podcast reveals what people really want to say when you ask them “how are you doing?” They want to say “Terrible, thanks for asking.” The podcast host, Nora McInerny, begins the podcast with her story but many episodes feature someone else’s story. My personal favorite is a mini-episode where they tackle the question “Is it OK not to be OK?” It’s easy for us to say “yes, of course it’s OK,” but it’s a nice reminder to ourselves that regardless of where we are in our life or regardless of how crappy we feel. It’s ok to be in this weird, uncomfortable phase. It took a while for me to love the podcast. My heart couldn’t handle the loss, the despair, and momentary sadness that these people experienced. But I began to appreciate their strength and their ability to rise and live in hope. Take a listen if you enjoy hearing podcasts that involve resilience. Yes, they can break your heart, but it can also make your heart a bit stronger.
The Fridge Light
On a less serious note, CBC’s The Fridge Light is something I look forward to every week. They talk about food! My favorite subject. Chris Nuttal-Smith engages us with his own curiosity and his in-depth research to tell the stories of familiar foods and ingredients. He has discussed the bacteria in our gut (my favorite episode thus far), sauces, and even how a pig is used not only as food but how it ends up in a lot of our household items. It’s quite entertaining and it makes you appreciate all the food that you eat day to day.



Fran is an illustrator based in England. I first discovered her a few years ago when she was featured by a beauty guru. Her cute illustrations have burrowed a place in my heart as I relate to her quirks, random secret habit confessions, and pure joy and love for her fans. She’s doing well lately as she released her first planner, and she even hired her first employee. If you’re an artist or if you simply want to see the lifestyle of a freelance illustrator, check out her channel. Fran has always given me motivation and hope in pursuing my own career goals, even if they differ from hers. Her videos on her favorite papers (yes, papers), advice videos, and her 2015 vlogmas videos are some of the videos I enjoyed.

No Egg Craig
I discovered Craig and his vegan family this month. Not sure how, they ended up in my feed. They definitely didn’t fit the typical vegan channel persona that other channels had. Other vegan channels don’t show their families and I find that they are more focused on living as a single person. His vlog style and his family’s banter made my heart fall in love with their family. His mom is my personal favorite family member and I love how witty she can be with her millennial son. I enjoy watching them grocery shop together, cook together, or try out recipes.Maybe it’s because I wish I had family members to share my vegan adventures with. Don’t worry, he won’t push you to be vegan, but he will show you that it’s not as hard as you think.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas of new things to check out. How was your November?

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