October Media Faves

I essentially became a hermit in October. I worked from home all month. Slack, emails, and Messenger have been my only source of social interaction – aside from my family. But I’m not complaining. This month I was able to tackle about 3 illustration pieces, prepare my grad school application documents, write my CV and letter of intent, and update my website. It also involved lots of sitting.

I found myself a bit lonesome but podcasts and YouTube kept me company. They helped me discover stories of beautiful people. They helped me get inspired and motivated from their example too. These productive sitting hours/days felt better thanks to the different media I was able to consume. Here’s what made my October better.


Ghosting, Simmering and Icing with Ester Perel” – Note to Self
It’s tough to talk to people nowadays. Apparently texts and Instastories are the only way of keeping in touch. I’m sure we all notice this – yet we’re all guilty. This episode of Note to Self resonated with me quite a bit. Although this had a focus on dating in our world today, it also showed me the faults in my own communication with those I care about. Manoush Zomorodi sits down with Ester Perel, a well-known psychotherapist with a focus on relationship counselling. In the two-part episode, she reminds us of how our online etiquette can truly affect our own self image. Perel brought up an interesting point about our tendency to blame ourselves when we are ignored. We text someone, generate about a month of non-stop texting, then out of nowhere – you get dropped. Next thing you know you hate yourself because there must be something wrong with you if your friend doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. But why spend time hating yourself when the issue lies in the sudden halt of communication? Listen to the episodes to get more interesting perspectives from Perel.
What’s Your Plan to Stop Mass Shootings?” – Pod Save America
After the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, the Pod Save America team immediately released their episode filled with passionate and insightful views on the current state of the United States. This episode opens up our hearts and minds to somewhat digest and make sense of the tragedy. I will admit, I found this episode to be more focused on the their frustrations rather than the stoic and at times sarcastic personality that usually shows forth in other episodes. However, I think their raw input regarding the issues in the US really puts us in a state where we must critically think about our world and the issues it holds. 
Schpitzle’s Secret” – The Longest Shortest Time

This features Frieda, a mother who used to live in a devout Hasidic community. This episode tackles her struggles with her faith, community, marriage, and parenthood. We get to get a glimpse of how she transformed and cultivated her own independence. We also experience how her son reacts to the life she created – the life she always dreamed of. As a devout Catholic, I enjoyed listening to the stories of members of a different faith (in this case Judaism). I’m usually curious to hear if they go through similar situations as I do. Getting a peak into their lives always offers some wisdom. The Longest Shortest Time features parenting as the key topic yet I always learn so much about life. Highly suggest it, even if you don’t have kids or don’t plan to have kids.

The Finnish Experiment” – 99% Invisible

Universal basic income (UBI) has been popping up around the world. Lots of countries are currently in their pilot programs – even in here in Canada! UBI will let everyone get money from the government. It will be a flat monthly sum to cover basic needs, with no strings attached. Free money! UBI stories have been popping up on my feed and I was excited to listen to 99% Invisible’s story on it. They never disappoint. Listen to this episode to learn about UBI, the details behind the concept, and it’s potential ramifications.


Logo Critique – How to Make Your Logo Better” – The Futur
I had been a fan of the Futur for about a year now. There’s something about its founder, Chris Do, that gets me motivated. Off the bat, his knowledge, mastery of design, and relentless push to help his peers grow instantly paints him as the ultimate design mentor. He does livestreams with his so-called dream team, composed of Molly, Aaron, and Erica, along with other members of The Futur. Chris is focused on sharing the skills and principles needed for creative entrepreneurs to grow and that is a respectable effort. Even though I went to school and studied a bit about design, the Futur continues to help me grow in the craft. More importantly, it pushes me to expand my skill set. I started by binge watching with their logo critique series. If you’re into design you can start here. Otherwise, there are lots of other videos where he discusses business strategy and self-improvement.


Hope you checkout all the things I mentioned above. There are lots of interesting things out there. If you have any favorite podcasts, YouTube videos, or even books from October, share them!


Stay curious, keep learning.

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